Betsy Bee's Blog #4 | Behind the Scenes with Betsy Bee

January 20, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Do you ever wonder what I do behind the scenes of my photoshoots? Well, you are in for a treat today! 

In the almost six and a half years of being in business, my clients and family have seen me in the most precarious of positions while capturing photographs. I've crawled on a freshly planted farmer's field, climbed a tree for some wedding ring shots and I have at least a witness or two that watched me climb rickety scaffolding in high heels over a construction job site! 

There is one thing I can say without question, I am abnormally fearless behind a camera. Ever since I can remember, I have been afraid of heights. It has been something that I've struggled with; however, if you put a camera around my neck all of a sudden I have these super abilities and I am able to get close to the edge and not even think twice about it. When behind a camera and lens, I am totally oblivious to what is happening around me, especially behind me. Due to being extremely focused on my subject (s), over the years, I've had some of my clients take a few behind the scene shots of me and I can tell you with all honestly, I was completely unaware. Yes, and maybe for the lack of better judgement, I thought I'd share with all of you. 

I hope these photographs that my clients took bring you joy. I know that while I looked through them, it brought me a flood of my memories. That is the beauty of photographs and why I enjoy my career so much. I believe that the photographs I have captured are actually memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.

May the rest of your January be full of love, laughter and captured memories!


Betsy 🐝


A great big thank you to Denise Christenson, Leah Busse, Sarah Pickett and Tara Ferkinhoff for these behind the scenes photographs!

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