Betsy Bee's Blog #3 | Will you Bee Mine?

January 10, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. I enjoy  the gushy valentine cards, decorations and of course the candy! Since I'm intolerant/allergic to both dairy and gluten, I can't indulge in decadent chocolates, but give me a bag of those Gobstopper Valentine's Day Heartbreakers and I'll be over the moon happy! 

Besides a bag of that sugary heart goodness, happiness for me is also clicking the shutter! So, this year I've decided to offer "Bee Mine" Valentine Mini Sessions! I truly think we all need to spread happiness and love right now and what a fun way to make that happen! I am excited to see all the gushy Valentine's Day cards and social media posts with cutie smiling faces!  I've also heard that Valentine's Day cards are starting to become all the rage again!  I know a few of my friends and clients send Valentine's Day cards instead of Christmas cards. As a mom, I understand this idea so well! It's super hard to pack everything in at the Holidays! 

Before I wrap this all up, I thought I should quickly write a little bit about this year's Valentine setup and the inspiration behind it all. Right before Christmas, I was walking around in TJ Maxx and happened upon these gorgeous heart pillows! I was in heaven. They were all in red and burgundy with touches of gold on a backdrop of cream. I was so excited that I called my studio mate, Renee Clasen of 10 Little Chickens Photography fame, and we both were super elated about the colors and idea! I went home with the pillows and thought about what else I needed to spruce the studio up a bit for these minis and decided to be ...  crafty. I went to work and made some rag heart wreaths and garland to match. But, don't think I forgot about pink! I love pink and welcome all touches of pink in your outfits for these Bee Mine Valentine Mini sessions! I feel this year's colors, textures and fabrics really give these Bee Mine mini sessions a fun, happy and classic look that your family will enjoy for years to come!

Bee Mine Valentine Family and Children's Mini Session spots are now open! Check out my booking page here for prices, more information and available times! 

May your Valentine's Day be full of love, laughter and captured memories!


Betsy 🐝









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